Our Partners


Building a Healthier Community Together

Every one of our partners were chosen to match our brand and personal values. We’re a family run business so we’re careful with who we let in as they become a part of who we are.

The Bot Marketing Agency has helped transform our business from a local store front to what you see today. We went from having no web presence to having a website, Chat Bot, SEO, Facebook and Instagram and full-scale digital marketing strategy. Initially, we were afraid to be online but it’s been a blessing for our business. If you’re looking to grow your business contact Jay at jay@botmarketing.agency

Roastville is a family run business based in Marrickville. They are also the best boutique coffee roasters in Sydney. Without Roastville’s owner, George we would not have been able to open a cafe. He has been with us every step of the way from finding a restaurant, negotiating the price, learning how to make perfect lattes to running a cafe. We’re grateful to have someone as experience and kind as him to show us the way. There’s a reason why Roastville is #1, that reason is George and his wife Destiny.

Our original produce supplier overcharged us and it made a difficult business even tougher. One day Ali (Michael’s son) dropped a flyer in our store. The prices were a wake-up call. We called him up that evening and the rest is history. We’re definitely getting the best prices for the highest quality produce every day from Ali and the team at Michael’s Fresh. They are our partners because they represent family, integrity and great customer service.

The team at F45 Randwick (Declan, Kate, and Sharon) are great people inside and out. In our first year of running the restaurant, we lost a bit of our health. We knew we needed help and had limited time every day to work on our own personal health so we reached out to our neighbour F45 Randwick. A 10 day trial has turned into a fruitful partnership that has made an immediate impact on our lives. Change your life today, check out F45 Randwick.

Be the change you want to see. Michael and I (Irene) are in a transformation stage in our life. We’re working hard to be healthy, happier and better role models for our daughter. We knew we couldn’t encourage our customers to be living their best life if we weren’t living it ourselves. Michael used to be a 2 a day energy drink consumer. He’s switched to drinking one Amplify Kombucha every day. His gut health is improving. Amplify Kombucha has the tastiest and healthiest drink on the market. We’re proud to have them on board as a partner.