Better Food, Better Health

At Sprout Salad Bar we have one vision – help people live healthier lives.

We view Sprout as a place where everyone is invited to share ideas, feel at home, take a break, have a nice meal or even just try our famous Roastville coffee. This is our big vision and we are working hard every day to make this come true. Read our story to find out why we do what we do.We care about healthy living, this includes mind, body and soul. If you’re looking to eat at a place like this then come on by and say hi. If you’d like to work with us then come on in and lets have a chat over a cuppa.

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Freyja’s Story

If you live in Randwick, you’ll probably know of Freyja’s story. She’s a young and vibrant girl going through a rare form of cancer called Clear Cell Sarcoma. Freyja’s mom Lizzie has had to give up any plans of returning to work so she can support Freyja and her siblings. We’ve answered her call for help and will be making ongoing donations directly. If you’d like to help out, spread the cause or contribute then check out their website https://www.acureforfreyja.com/